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 NfovisQuick and dirty profiling tool.inspired by the matlab tic/toc command
 CCameraIntrinsicsParametersIntrinsic parameters for a pinhole camera with plumb-bob distortion model
 CDepthImageDepth source where a fully dense, metric depth image is available
 CDepthSourceProvides depth estimates for input image pixels
 CFeatureMatchRepresents a single image feature matched between two camera images taken at different times
 CFeatureMatcherMatches features between a reference and a target image
 CGridKeyPointFilterPlaces features into grid cells and discards the weakest features in each cell
 CInitialHomographyEstimatorEstimates a rough 2D homography registering two images
 CIntensityDescriptorExtractorExtracts mean-normalized intensity patch around a pixel
 CKeyPointAn interesting point in an image
 CKeypointDataImage feature used for motion estimation
 CMotionEstimatorDoes the heavy lifting for frame-to-frame motion estimation
 COdometryFrameStores data specific to an input frame
 CPrimeSenseCalibrationComputes useful information from a PrimeSenseCalibrationParameters object
 CPrimeSenseCalibrationParametersCalibration data structure for Kinect / PrimeSense sensors
 CPrimeSenseDepthStores depth data for a Kinect / PrimeSense camera
 CPyramidLevelOne level of a Gaussian image pyramid
 CRectificationMaps image coordinates from an input image to image coordinates on a rectified camera
 CSADCalculates the Sum of Absolute Deviations (SAD) score between two vectors of length descriptor_len
 CStereoCalibrationComputes useful information from a StereoCalibrationParameters object
 CStereoCalibrationParametersCalibration data structure for stereo cameras
 CStereoDepthStores image data for a stereo camera pair
 CStereoDisparityDepth source for a calibrated stereo camera pair where a dense disparity map has been precomputed
 CStereoFrameStores the right-hand image for a stereo pair
 CVisualOdometryMain visual odometry class