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FeatureMatcher Class Reference

Matches features between a reference and a target image. More...

Public Member Functions

void matchFeatures (PyramidLevel *ref_level, PyramidLevel *target_level, const std::vector< std::vector< int > > &candidates, FeatureMatch *matches, int *num_matches)

Detailed Description

Matches features between a reference and a target image.

Member Function Documentation

void matchFeatures ( PyramidLevel ref_level,
PyramidLevel target_level,
const std::vector< std::vector< int > > &  candidates,
FeatureMatch matches,
int *  num_matches 

Feature matching using sum of absolute differences (SAD).

ref_levelfeatures in the reference image.
target_levelfeatures in the target image.
candidatesidentifies potential match candidates for each feature in the reference image. For every reference feature, there is a vector of target feature indices that is a potential match.
matchesoutput array of matches. This should be pre-allocated and of size at least min(num features in ref_level, num features in target_level)
num_matchesoutput parameter, is set to the number of features matched.

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