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FeatureMatch Class Reference

Represents a single image feature matched between two camera images taken at different times. More...

Public Member Functions

 FeatureMatch ()
 FeatureMatch (KeypointData *target_keypoint, KeypointData *ref_keypoint)

Public Attributes

int compatibility_degree
std::vector< int > consistency_vec
int id
bool in_maximal_clique
bool inlier
KeypointData refined_target_keypoint
double reprojection_error
MatchStatusCode status
int track_id

Detailed Description

Represents a single image feature matched between two camera images taken at different times.

The two frames are referred to as the reference and target frames.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FeatureMatch ( )

Initializes a NULL (and useless) feature match.

FeatureMatch ( KeypointData target_keypoint,
KeypointData ref_keypoint 

Initializes a feature match from a target and reference keypoint.

Member Data Documentation

KeypointData* target_keypoint

The target keypoint.

KeypointData* ref_keypoint

The reference keypoint.

KeypointData refined_target_keypoint

The target keypoint, after subpixel refinement of the feature match in image space.

std::vector<int> consistency_vec

binary vector, one entry for every feature match. Each entry is 1 if the motion according to this match is compatible with the motion according to the other match.

int compatibility_degree

number of 1s in consistency_vec

bool in_maximal_clique

Is this feature match in the maximal consistency clique

bool inlier

Is this feature an inlier, used for motion estimation

int id

Identifies the match during outlier rejection.

double reprojection_error

The image-space distance between the reference keypoint and the target keypoint reprojected onto the reference image.

int track_id

Identifies the feature track externally. If a feature in a new frame is matched to a feature in the previous frame, then the corresponding FeatureMatch object takes on the track_id value of the FeatureMatch object for the previous frame feature. If the previous frame feature is new (i.e., wasn't matched to a feature in the previous-previous frame), then the track_id is set to a new value.

status of the feature match. Value is one of: MATCH_NEEDS_DEPTH_REFINEMENT, MATCH_OK, or MATCH_REFINEMENT_FAILED.

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