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PyramidLevel Class Reference

One level of a Gaussian image pyramid. More...

Public Member Functions

const uint8_t * getDescriptor (int i) const
const int * getDescriptorIndexOffsets () const
int getDescriptorLength () const
int getDescriptorStride () const
const uint8_t * getGrayscaleImage () const
int getGrayscaleImageStride () const
int getHeight () const
const std::vector< KeyPoint > & getInitialFeatures () const
const KeyPointgetKeypoint (int i) const
const KeypointDatagetKeypointData (int i) const
KeypointDatagetKeypointData (int i)
float getKeypointRectBaseU (int kp_index) const
const Eigen::Vector2d & getKeypointRectBaseUV (int kp_index) const
float getKeypointRectBaseV (int kp_index) const
const Eigen::Vector4d & getKeypointXYZW (int i) const
int getLevelNum () const
int getNumDetectedKeypoints () const
int getNumKeypoints () const
int getWidth () const
bool isLegalKeypointCoordinate (float x, float y) const
void populateDescriptorAligned (int x, int y, uint8_t *descriptor) const
void populateDescriptorInterp (float x, float y, uint8_t *descriptor) const
void populateDescriptorsAligned (const KeypointData *keypoints, int num_keypoints, uint8_t *descriptors) const
void populateDescriptorsInterp (const KeypointData *keypoints, int num_keypoints, uint8_t *descriptors) const
 PyramidLevel (int width, int height, int level_num, int feature_window_size, GridKeyPointFilter &grid_filter)


class OdometryFrame
class StereoFrame

Detailed Description

One level of a Gaussian image pyramid.


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