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KeypointData Class Reference

Image feature used for motion estimation. More...

Public Member Functions

void copyFrom (const KeypointData &src)
 KeypointData ()

Public Attributes

Eigen::Vector2d base_uv
float disparity
bool has_depth
int keypoint_index
KeyPoint kp
uint8_t pyramid_level
Eigen::Vector2d rect_base_uv
int track_id
Eigen::Vector3d xyz
Eigen::Vector4d xyzw

Detailed Description

Image feature used for motion estimation.

Corresponds to a KeyPoint object as well as additional information used and stored during the visual odometry estimation process.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KeypointData ( )

Default constructor.

Member Function Documentation

void copyFrom ( const KeypointData src)

populates this keypoint to be identical to the src keypoint.

Member Data Documentation

Pixel coordinates of keypoint in its pyramid level

Eigen::Vector4d xyzw

Homogeneous coordinates of the feature in the camera frame

bool has_depth

Indicates whether or not depth data is available for this keypoint.

Eigen::Vector3d xyz

Inhomogeneous coordinates of the feature in the camera frame. Convenience variable, computed from xyzw. These coordinates may be infinite.

Eigen::Vector2d base_uv

Keypoint pixel coordinates in the base pyramid level

Eigen::Vector2d rect_base_uv

rectified keypoint pixel coordinates in the base pyramid level

float disparity

Pixel disparity, if applicable. If not applicable (e.g., the depth source is not a stereo camera), this value is NAN

Note that the meaning of this value depends on the DepthSource used to compute it. For StereoDepth, this corresponds directly to stereo disparity. For PrimeSenseDepth, this corresponds to the "disparity" values reported by the PrimeSense sensor, which are not the same as stereo disparity. See the PrimeSenseDepth class documentation for more details.

uint8_t pyramid_level

Which pyramid level was this feature computed on

int keypoint_index

Not used.

int track_id

to identify unique feature track externally

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