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PrimeSenseDepth Class Reference

Stores depth data for a Kinect / PrimeSense camera. More...

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Public Member Functions

double getBaseline () const
uint16_t getDisparity (int rgb_u, int rgb_v) const
uint16_t getDisparityAtIRPixel (int ir_u, int ir_v) const
bool getXyz (int u, int v, Eigen::Vector3d &xyz)
void getXyz (OdometryFrame *frame)
bool haveXyz (int u, int v)
 PrimeSenseDepth (const PrimeSenseCalibration *calib)
void refineXyz (FeatureMatch *matches, int num_matches, OdometryFrame *frame)
void setDisparityData (const uint16_t *disparity)

Detailed Description

Stores depth data for a Kinect / PrimeSense camera.

See also
PrimeSenseCalibrationParameters, PrimeSenseCalibration

Member Function Documentation

void getXyz ( OdometryFrame frame)

Populate keypoints in frame with XYZ data.

Implements DepthSource.

void refineXyz ( FeatureMatch matches,
int  num_matches,
OdometryFrame frame 

Refine XYZ data of target keypoints in matches (usually after subpixel refinement of the matches across time).

Implements DepthSource.

uint16_t getDisparity ( int  rgb_u,
int  rgb_v 
) const

Retrieve the disparity value at the IR pixel that projects on to the specified RGB pixel.

Disparity is not measured on the RGB image directly. Instead, it's measured on the IR image, then the points are projected onto the RGB image. This function looks up the IR pixel that projected onto the specified RGB pixel, and then returns the disparity of the IR pixel.

Returns: the measured disparity, or 0 if there is no disparity data for the specified pixel.

uint16_t getDisparityAtIRPixel ( int  ir_u,
int  ir_v 
) const

Retrieve the disparity value at the specified RGB pixel.

double getBaseline ( ) const

Return baseline of depth source, if applicable. If not applicable (e.g. for OpenNI devices) return 0.

Implements DepthSource.

bool haveXyz ( int  u,
int  v 

This should return true if it's not certain there's no depth at (u,v). It should be an inexpensive check that is used to avoid pointless (hah!) creation of keypoints. False positives are fine as ling as getXyz gets rid of them.

Implements DepthSource.

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